About Us


Growing up we loved jumping on trampolines and having contests to see who could jump the highest or do the most consecutive front flips. Over the years trampolines have become much more safe and complex to provide an even better jumping experience for our kids.

After hours of reviewing some of the new trampoline options available we realized that there is quite a bit of information floating around out there about new age trampolines and we decided we would put together a thorough review site. All of our articles and reviews are products of hours of research and dissecting individual product reviews to give you the most accurate information possible when looking for the perfect trampoline

At Trampoline Masters we only promote products that we feel meet our safety and quality standards. Do not expect to find the “cheapest” trampoline on our site as it is more than likely not up to our safety standards. We are looking to invest in our kids not skimp out on safety features and risk their well being.

If you have any questions about any of the information on our site, please visit our contact us page and leave us a few words.

Happy Jumping!

The Trampoline Masters Team