Trampoline Ladders – Make It Easy On The Little Ones


As you know, trampolines can be difficult for little ones to get up to the jumping surface.

Instead of risking your kids' safety jumping on and off the trampoline, you can easily address this by getting a trampoline ladder.

By using a trampoline ladder, you will eliminate many of the risks that jumpers face when getting on or off the trampoline.

The trampoline ladder provides a stable entry and exit platform from the trampoline's jumping mat.

Many injuries that occur on a trampoline happen when the jumpers are getting on or off the trampoline. By using a trampoline ladder, the kids don’t need to jump up and lay across the springs, which reduces the risk of getting fingers pinched and damaging the springs.

Also, having something to hold on to when the jumpers are getting off the trampoline is a must. Especially if there are multiple jumpers on the trampoline at the same time, it can make it difficult to gain enough balance to get off the trampoline without the use of a ladder.

What is a trampoline ladder?

trampoline ladders questions

A trampoline ladder is basically a short two to four rung ladder with hooks to attach the ladder to the trampoline's frame.

There are usually a couple hooks that you just latch onto the outer frame rails and place the feet on the ground. Installation and removal take a matter of seconds, so there is no hassle if you do not need the ladder.

Which trampoline ladder should I get?

There are many options available and most of these products will fit any trampoline. For the sake of making sure it fits the first time around, you may want to measure how tall your trampoline's frame is from the ground and make sure the ladder you purchase is a few inches taller.

Remember, the trampoline ladder bottom needs to sit away about a foot so the ladder is at an angle instead of straight up and down. This provides extra stability for jumpers big and small.

6 Best Trampoline Ladders Available

trampoline ladder by pure fun
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Height: 36 Inches Tall
  • High-Carbon Steel Construction
  • Fits Most Outdoor Trampolines

Our number one pick is a nice quality trampoline ladder made by Pure Fun. This ladder is black and is designed to fit most outdoor trampoline sizes. It is constructed with high-carbon steel that is water resistant and protects from UV damage.

The rungs have a rough rubber textured coating to prevent slipping. This ladder is rated to support up to 220 pounds, which will accommodate most jumpers. If you are looking for a quality trampoline ladder at a good cost, this is one of the best available options. 

Wide-step trampoline ladder
  • Rust-Resistant 14-Gauge Steel
  • Wide 2 Rung Steps
  • Curved Tubing Fits Frames 4 Inches Thick
  • One Year Warranty

Next we have a nice wide-step trampoline ladder made by Skywalker Trampolines. The ladder is made out of durable weather-resistant, 14-gauge, powder-coated steel tubing and the steps are extra wide for additional stability.

The wide steps are a nice bonus, as they will allow kids to sit down to put on shoes or take a break after a long jumping session. The ladder is a little over 45 inches when fully assembled. If you are looking for a two rung ladder with big steps, this ladder will not disappoint. 

Super Jumper 2 Steps Ladder Trampoline
  • Color: White
  • 2 Step Design
  • Easy to install or remove
  • High-Carbon Steel Construction

Here we have another 2-rung trampoline ladder made by Super Jumper. This is a great option if you need a white trampoline ladder. There are two hooks on the top of the ladder to allow for easy installation or removal, and there is no need to drill holes or add any hardware to your trampoline.

The hook design also allows this trampoline ladder to fit frame heights between 30-35 inches, depending on the angle of the ladder. The frame of this ladder is made from high-carbon steel that is both water and UV-resistant. Overall, this is a great budget option if you are in need of a trampoline ladder.

Trampoline Ladders by Trampoline Pro
  • Two and Three Step Designs
  • Fits Frames Up to 41 Inches Tall
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Easy Install and Assembly

Moving on, we have the three-step trampoline ladder made by Trampoline Pro. The overall build of this ladder uses very high quality materials and is one of our top picks. It is designed to work with almost any backyard trampoline up to 41" tall and frames up to 2" thick. The frame is made of steel that is powder-coated for additional protection against water and UV damage.

The steps are textured to add additional traction and prevent slippage. Installation is extremely easy and if needed, you can remove and relocate the ladder with minimal effort. Overall, this ladder gets really good reviews and is a great addition to any backyard trampoline.

JumpSport Trampoline Ladder
  • Three Step Design
  • Fits Frames Up to 41 Inches Tall
  • Compatible With DoubleBed and PowerBounce Trampolines
  • Easy Install and Assemble

Next we have a three-step trampoline ladder by JumpSport trampolines. The hooks that attach the ladder to the trampoline frame are padded, which add additional protection to jumpers. The three steps are nice and wide to provide support when jumpers are getting in and out of the trampoline.

This ladder is compatible with DoubleBed and PowerBounce trampolines, as well as most other trampolines between 47-41" tall. The ladder is powder-coated to protect the frame from rusting and UV wear. Again, it is very easy to assemble and move if needed. This ladder is a little more expensive than the others on this list, but is built very well and worth the extra change.

Upper Bounce 42-Inch Trampoline Ladder 3 Steps
  • Fits Most Trampoline Shapes/Sizes
  • Fits Frames Up to 41 Inches Tall
  • Rubber Hooks Keep Ladder Secure
  • Three Rung Design

Last but not least is this 42" ladder by Upper Bounce. This ladder is pretty basic and does not have any rubber tracking on the steps. The three rungs can reach trampoline frames up to 41 inches tall, so if you have a high frame, this is a decent option.

This trampoline ladder is made of powder-coated steel and can fit most outdoor trampolines. The overall construction is a little flimsy for our liking, but we wanted to include it in our list as an alternative option to some of the items listed above. We wouldn't call it the best, but it is a decent ladder that gets the job done.

Last Words

Save yourself the worry of your kids getting hurt jumping in and out of the trampoline all the time. Make the small investment in one of these ladders and make sure the kids know to use it.

Never let more than one person on the ladder at any time to prevent injury. If you have questions about what ladder is best for your trampoline, feel free to ask us using our contact page.