Trampoline Tents

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Trampoline tent covers offer a whole new experience to your trampoline, while also adding some extra protection from the weather.

This is a great option to keep the kids out of the sun, but still outside and active. It is also great for backyard camp outs and other activities.

Transform the trampoline into a fort in a matter of minutes with these unique trampoline tent covers.

Transform Your Trampoline Into a Camping Tent

Trampolines provide a super comfortable sleeping surface that is raised up off the ground, making it the perfect base to your backyard camping. Add one of the trampoline tents below or build one yourself to expand the use of your trampoline. Just as when kids are jumping, remember there is a weight limit on the springs. You do not want to exceed the weight limit and damage the trampoline if there are lots of kids hanging out.

DIY Trampoline Tent Ideas

There are many ways to accomplish a makeshift trampoline tent. These are two ways we used to make forts as kids. Check out these DIY trampoline tents!

Line and tarp (shelter)​

DIY Trampoline Tent

This is a classic shelter method that is used by people all around the world. You will need a few trees or support poles that are sturdy and a bit taller than the trampolines enclosure if it has one. Tie the rope on the two supports at the desired peak height of the tent so that it hangs directly over the trampoline. Then drape a tarp or large blanket over the rope to make a triangle shaped shelter over the trampoline. Secure the tarp with some anchors and you have an instant trampoline shelter.

Parachute Topper​

Parachute Trampoline Cover

You will need either an enclosure with poles or some sort of makeshift support system to put the parachute on top of. Drape the parachute over the top of the trampoline and secure the handles to the trampoline’s enclosure support poles. This is very basic, easy to setup and remove, and provides a protective cover if the trampoline is in direct sunlight.

5 of the Best Trampoline Tents You Can Buy

JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent
  • 3 Windows and 1 Door
  • For JumpSport Trampolines
  • Fits Round 12' to 14' Trampolines
  • 11 Feet Across and 5.5 Feet Tall

The first trampoline tent we want to share is specifically designed to fit 12 foot or 14 foot round JumpSport trampolines. You may be able to use it with other trampoline brands if they have safety net poles to mount the tent to. There is no need for support poles to hold the tent up. 

The tent fastens to the existing trampoline enclosure supports with the provided bungee cables. There are a total of three windows and one door. All have screens and zippers to allow more or less air and light in, depending on the weather and time of day. Bring a whole new experience to the old backyard trampoline and enjoy camp outs that your kids will never forget.

Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House
  • Easy One Piece Assembly
  • For Propel and Kenetic Trampolines
  • Fits 15 Foot Trampoline
  • 3 Screened Windows and Zipper Door

This next trampoline tent is designed to fit Propel and Kinetic 15 foot trampolines (they have a 12 foot version as well). This trampoline club house is very easy to install and consists of only one piece. You just drape the club house over the six enclosure support poles and secure the ties to the trampoline's frame. The door has a zipper so you can open or close it as needed for privacy.

In addition to the door, there are three screened windows that have adjustable covers. This is a really nice feature if it is hot out and you need some additional airflow through the tent. The material is weather resistant, and there is a drainage hole in the center of the roof to prevent water from collecting and pulling down on the ceiling. If you own a Propel or Kinetic trampoline, get your kids this awesome clubhouse to bring new fun to the old trampoline. 

Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent
  • Fits JumpKing JumpPOD 7.5 Foot Trampolines
  • Stars and Comets Roof Designs
  • Mesh Windows for Ventilation
  • Zipper Door for Easy Access

This next trampoline tent will only fit 7.5 foot Bazoongi JumpPOD trampolines. This tent provides protection from the sun in the day and adds a cool hangout spot for your kids once the sun goes down. There are screened windows to allow air to flow through the trampoline tent and prevent your kids from getting too hot on a summer day. 

The door zips up to add some privacy if you are having a late night camp out. The install is easy: the tent simply attaches to the existing enclosure and pole system with Velcro straps. The material is not really designed for withstanding hard rain or wind, so make sure to take it off if you are expecting bad storms. If you are a JumpPOD owner and your kids like forts, definitely check out this product from Bazoongi.

Bazoongi Circus Trampoline Tent
  • Easy to Assemble Frame
  • Fits 7.5 Foot Bazoongi JumpPOD
  • Zipper Door Entry
  • Large Screened Windows for Air Flow

This is another trampoline tent designed for the JumpPOD 7.5 foot trampoline and it's very similar to the tent listed above. The color scheme is designed to look like a circus tent. There is a big zipper entrance that is secured by a zipper for easy access. This product easily installs to the trampolines enclosure and frame with Velcro straps.

The Velcro is very convenient because you can remove it quickly if there is a big storm coming. There are large screened windows to provide airflow when the tent is installed. The windows can be closed if you are camping on the trampoline for extra privacy. If you enjoy circus themed fun, check out this cool tent by Bazoongi.

JumpKing 10' Enclosure Cover Tree House
  • Tree House Pattern with Night Sky Roof
  • Fits 10 Foot Bazoongi Trampolines
  • Zipper Entrance
  • Screened Windows

Last but not least is the Tree House Trampoline Cover by JumpKing. This tent cover is designed to fit 10 foot Bazoongi trampolines with a G3 enclosure system. The inside roof has a really cool night sky pattern on it to simulate looking up at the stars. This cover is great for protecting your kids from direct sun exposure in the hot summer months. 

The big zipper front door allows for easy access and privacy when needed. There is also a big screened window to allow airflow when it is hot out. Overall this trampoline tent is a great way to transform your plain old trampoline into a magical tree house for your kids.

Final Thoughts​

​By adding a trampoline tent to your kids' trampoline, you will bring a whole new experience to the backyard.

They can add protection from the sun, act as a fort or even a campsite. Switch it up this summer and bring some new fun to your backyard!