Springfree Trampolines – The World’s Most Advanced Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline

Trampolines have been the same for the last couple of decades, with the exception of a few companies who are looking to make the next big breakthrough in trampoline technology.

Springfree Trampolines have developed what they call the most advanced and safest trampoline ever made.

Springfree Trampoline Company has found a way to eliminate the use of springs and have truly made a springless trampoline that works even better than it sounds.

By eliminating the springs, there is far less risk of injury with kids getting pinched, getting their hair stuck, or worse.

What is a Spring Free Trampoline?

You are probably wondering how a trampoline works without springs. This is allowed with the use of high tension rods.

These rods are placed under the trampoline at an angle to keep them out of the way of the jumper and adding a layer of safety to the trampoline.

The rods work in unison to provide a stable and strong bounce without the many risks of old fashioned springs.

Top 5 Springfree Trampoline Products

13ft Jumbo Square Smart Trampoline
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Shape: Jumbo Square
  • Jumping Surface Area: 155 Sq. Ft.
  • Features: Basketball Hoop, Ladder and Tgoma Gaming System

First up we have the 13ft Jumbo Square Smart Trampoline. This springless trampoline supports jumpers up to 220 pounds and has an overall structural load capacity of 1,100 pounds. The jumping surface area is 155 square feet and is the largest model available. It is designed to be left outside year round, as the frame is made from double powder coated galvanized steel. The nets and mat are also UV resistant polypropylene for protection from the sun. 

The rods of this trampoline are made of a fiberglass composite, and they provide a unique and safe jumping experience. There is an included ladder for easy access to the jumping area. You will also get a basketball hoop set and the digital Tgoma gaming system. Overall, this huge springless trampoline is the best of the best. There are tons of included features and accessories to keep the whole family entertained for hours at a time.​

11ft Large Square Smart Trampoline
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Shape: Large Square
  • Jumping Surface Area: 113 Sq. Ft.
  • Features: Basketball Hoop, Ladder and Tgoma Gaming System

Next we have the 11ft Large Square Trampoline. This is a bit smaller than the trampoline above, but it provides all of the same great features and jumping experience. The jumper load capacity is a solid 220 pounds and the structural load capacity can handle over 1,000 pounds. The materials used are designed to withhold year round weather and sun exposure, so there is no hassle of breaking the trampoline down at the end of the season. 

We still recommend you get a trampoline cover to add an extra layer of protection to your trampoline during the rainy and winter months.There is an included ladder, basketball hoop and Tgoma gaming system. We guarantee the Tgoma system is unlike anything you have ever seen on a trampoline, and it will definitively keep your kids entertained and active. 

8x13ft Large Oval Smart Trampoline
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Shape: Large Oval
  • Jumping Surface Area: 92 Sq. Ft.
  • Features: Basketball Hoop, Ladder and Tgoma Gaming System

This model is the 8x13ft Large Oval Trampoline. The oval shaped jumping mat provides an alternative to the round trampolines most people are used to seeing. With a jumping surface area of 92 square feet, it is a bit smaller than the models listed above, but will still provide plenty of room for jumpers of any size. All of these trampolines have a recommended jumper weight limit of 220 pounds, but structurally can support much more. 

This spring free trampoline is constructed of durable materials, and can be left outside year round and withstand the weather and sun damage. There is an included step ladder to help jumpers get in and out of the jumping area. There is a basketball hoop and interactive gaming system to promote exercise and an active lifestyle for kids and adults alike. If you are looking to get an oval trampoline without springs, this is the best money can buy.

8x11ft Medium Oval Smart Trampoline
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Shape: Medium Oval
  • Jumping Surface Area: 77 Sq. Ft.
  • Features: Basketball Hoop, Ladder and Tgoma Gaming System

This next spring free trampoline is great for smaller families. The 8x11ft Medium Oval Trampoline has the smallest jumping surface from this product line at 77 square feet. If you have a smaller backyard or are looking for a space saving trampoline, this model should fit your needs. Jumpers up to 220 pounds are supported and the overall structure can hold over 1,000 pounds. As it is constructed of weather proof materials, you can leave the trampoline outside year round without worry.

​This trampoline comes with all the great accessories the others do, including a flex ladder so jumpers can get in and out easily; the basketball hoop for slam dunks and games of HORSE; and of course, the Tgoma gaming system to challenge your family both mentally and physically while keeping them outside and active. If you are looking for a safe trampoline with a smaller footprint, definitely check out this 8x11 foot model. 

10ft Medium Round Smart Trampoline
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Shape: Medium Round
  • Jumping Surface Area: 79 Sq. Ft.
  • Features: Basketball Hoop, Ladder and Tgoma Gaming System

​The last springless trampoline we will review is the 10ft Medium Round Trampoline. If you have a smaller family with one or two kids, this trampoline will provide more than enough jumping area to go around. The springless design gives more space to the jumping surface, so you will get the equivalent of a normal 12 foot round trampoline with a smaller footprint. The total jumping surface is 79 square feet.

Like all the other trampolines in this list, you will be protected by the weather proof construction safe for all seasons. There is an included ladder to help kids get onto the jumping surface without the struggle. There is also a basketball hoop and Tgoma gaming system to keep kids active. The ten included games on the system are educational and entertaining. If you have a smaller family and  want the safest and most advanced features for your kids, you will not be disappointed with this trampoline.

Tgoma Interactive Game

Springfree Trampolines have a unique feature that allows the trampoline to communicate with a tablet-based gaming system via Bluetooth. The trampoline mat has pressure sensors that locate when and where the jumper is on the trampoline.

There are plenty of games and exercises programmed into the included tablet so the whole family can have their own custom jumping experience.

With the Tgoma gaming system, you will be able to track jumps, calories burned, and much more. Kids love playing video games so why not let them bring them outside while also getting exercise?

Springfree Safety Features

The Springfree brand has many game changing safety features that are unlike any other trampoline out there. They use plastic composite tension rods to provide the bounce to the mat. Additionally, the tension rods eliminate the need for springs and the risk of pinching your skin or hair while jumping.

The frame is located below the jumping mat on Springfree trampolines. This prevents the jumper from making contact with the unforgiving frame of a traditional trampoline. Most trampoline accidents occur when a jumper falls off the trampoline or makes contact with the frame.

The enclosure bars are flexible and do not let jumpers hit the ground. The net enclosure rods are designed to prevent the trampoline from tipping over, while also keeping the jumper in an upright position and unharmed.

Springfree Trampoline Vs. Spring Trampoline – Key Differences

We also want to point out a few of the main differences between a Springfree trampoline and a traditional backyard trampoline.

  • Springfree trampolines do not have springs (shocker, huh?) They use composite rods to provide the tension for the trampoline mat.
  • The frame on a Springfree trampoline is located underneath the trampoline mat and out of harm's way. A traditional trampoline’s frame is exposed and poses a risk to jumpers.
  • The safety enclosure is designed to “give” on a Springfree trampoline, preventing the trampoline from tipping over and keeping the jumper safe from hitting the ground.
  • Springfree trampolines have a smart jumping mat that allows the Tgoma tablet to interact with the jumpers in real time. No other trampoline on the market has this feature.
  • Springfree trampolines are more expensive than traditional trampolines. The extra cost is justified by the amazing safety features and technology integration that is specific to only this brand of trampolines.

History of SpringFree Trampolines

After 15 years of development, Dr. Keith Alexander has invented the safest and most innovative trampoline of all time. Dr. Alexander started early prototypes for a safer trampoline, trying inflatable and other prototypes that were not all that great.

Dr. Alexander's ideas came together in 1997-1998 when he made the first miniature model that reflects the main design elements you see today.

Dr. Alexander then partnered with Steven Holmes in 2002 to continue development of the springless alternative. By working together, they eliminated most of the safety risks that traditional trampolines were notorious for.

Over the course of 2003-2005, Springfree trampolines went global as a company and they haven’t looked back since. In 2010 they were awarded product of the year, and they continue to grow and evolve as one of the best trampoline manufactures on this planet.

Final Thoughts

The innovative designs and features of springless trampolines are leading the trampoline industry. These products are not only fun and interactive, but also safe. You will notice they cost a bit more than some of the old school type trampolines, but if you ask us you can’t really put a price on your kids' safety.